A Vision for a new Christchurch

That the Greater Christchurch which emerges will be a new city which our great-grand children will applaud us for having the wisdom to create.

It will, simply, be the best we can build and will:

  • be even more resilient in the face of disaster
  • be a safer and better place to live and work
  • have a shared sense of community
  • be the heart of cultural activity
  • be a place which values and encourages innovation and entrepreneurship
  • is a centre for research and development
  • retain those elements of its heritage such as its green spaces and parks which make it stronger

To create our new city we must:

  • create a sense of stability and certainty by dealing with the most urgent things first and setting tight time frames
  • avoid rebuilding existing vulnerabilities
  • have an inclusive conversation about what the new city will look and feel like
  • ensure all citizens have the best information available to make personal decisions
  • balance speed of recovery with good decision making


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2 responses to “A Vision for a new Christchurch

  1. I’m so pleased to read the article by Philip Burdon in The Press and to discover this group. I am greatly concerned that this opportunity to do something really remarkable to future proof the city of Christchurch will be squandered.

    It’s clear that the general public wants a Christchurch that is very different from the old Christchurch. The CCC, on the other hand, seem to want to rebuild the past. (Permission to build to eight stories recently granted to a developer.)

    As a community we need much more discussion in as many places as possible to reach the widest base of people we can. Can I commend to you the twenty-five E-Democracy Neighbours Forums, as another place to share your ideas. http://neighbours.cc

  2. I’m concerned that the government has instructed the alliance (CCC, Fulton Hogan etc.) as to what they must design and plan for, which will determine to a great extent what the new Christchurch will be, but is reluctant to tell the public. We want public participation and openness but it seems the Minister and Cabinet do not.

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