Future Canterbury Network welcomes support package for Christchurch reconstruction

“The Government’s support package announced as part of the Budget yesterday will be most welcome for the people of the Canterbury Region,” the Chairman of the Future Canterbury Network (FCN), Hon Philip Burdon said today.

“The breadth of the Government’s support, which comes on top of the huge support which has flowed into the region from all over New Zealand and other parts of the world, will do much to rebuild a sense of confidence among Canterbury people that there will be a positive future.

“There are many challenges ahead of us but we are all grateful that the Government has made such an important commitment to our recovery on behalf of the rest of the New Zealand economy.

”What is particularly welcome is the funding which will repair our schools and other key community facilities.  And also the funding targeted for social support agencies.  It is imperative that our children and families are able to get back to a normal life as soon as possible. 

“We have to build a new Christchurch out of the ruins which are there today.  The decision by the Department of Building and Housing to announce an increase of 35% in the seismic hazard factor for new buildings is also welcome as one of the essential changes to make sure our new city is a safer place for people to live in future,”  concluded Mr Burdon.



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3 responses to “Future Canterbury Network welcomes support package for Christchurch reconstruction

  1. At TEDxEQChCh 21 May, 2011. Cameron Sinclair who represents Architects for Humanity spoke about the importance of getting things built. He said that ideas are never enough, that people have to dig in and do hard stuff that goes on and on for several years. Then when it’s built you have something.

    The presence of money, government money and insurance money should make us cautious, and perhaps even frightened. The cost of materials and labour and land on the West of the city has already gone up, and mostly none of that money is available yet.

    What we do with the money is critical. It should be spent frugally. We should not try to rebuild the old Christchurch. We should build a new, more sustainable, smaller and as much as possible debt free Christchurch.

    Take a look at the USA and Europe. Spain is New Zealand if we are not very careful. A storm is coming, and we shouldn’t sail into it with all our rigging exposed.

    Lots of comment on the TEDxEQCHCh conference, in the Christchurch Neighbours Forums. Here’s one way to see them.

  2. Hello Phillip

    If you don’t want to publish comments, WordPress allows you to turn comments off.


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