City should get it right on new CE – letter to the Editor

The current public debate about whether or not the Christchurch City Chief Executive is the right person to lead the city into the future is a glaring symptom of very flawed decision making.

The City should never have allowed this to happen and should have adopted an open process based on finding the right person for the job – who may well be Mr Marryatt.

At this most important time in the city’s history we require the best person to lead the Council’s role.  This is something which requires a much more carefully managed selection process than would normally be the case.

Too much haste and too much political posturing around an individual candidate results in the process being undermined and once again the public loses confidence in leadership.

The only solution now is to go through a transparent process with public disclosure of the selection criteria and have an independent selection panel make a recommendation for Council to consider.  It will take more time but will result in an outcome which the community can support.

Philip Burdon
Future Canterbury Network


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