Earthquake Recovery Accountability Matrix

The FCN Earthquake Recovery Accountability Matrix is a principles based evaluation methodology to assist decision making organisations and individuals responsible for recovery from the earthquakes to improve their leadership, governance and management in a process of constructive engagement with the Future Canterbury Network and the community.

Public reporting on the outcomes of the evaluation process and resulting improvements in practice will lead to increased public knowledge and confidence in the transition from the damaged Canterbury of today to the robust and resilient Canterbury we seek for future generations.


FCN prefers an approach where the organisation being evaluated is a willing and enthusiastic participant in the evaluation process.

While internal evaluation is a valuable tool for modern governance and management, a combination of self evaluation and external evaluation by a group of independent and expert assessors provides additional valuable insights into knowledge of the quality of leadership and governance being exercised by decision makers responsible for recovery from the Canterbury earthquakes.

External evaluation which includes public perceptions research and stakeholder focus groups using carefully selected sample groups provides extremely valuable and timely knowledge about the way decision makers efforts are perceived by the ultimate beneficiaries of those efforts.

The FCN Earthquake Recovery Accountability Matrix is designed to provide assurance to decision makers and the communities of Canterbury that the opportunities for doing things better are not being missed or overlooked.

This is an evaluation of intent and process and therefore seeks evidence to confirm the intent of the recovery accords with the expectations of Canterbury communities and the processes which are put in place to realise the intent deliver results which are consistent with reasonable expectations.


FCN seeks to work collaboratively with the organisation being evaluated and will structure its evidentiary data gathering to enable accurate assessment of the extent to which the Critical Success Factors identified in the KPD document have been achieved.

The FCN and the organisation being evaluated will agree on the issues to be tested in the Public Perceptions Survey, the Stakeholder Focus Groups, the Social Capital Barometer and the Communications Audit

Each Assessment Panel is expected to include relevant staff members from the organisation being assessed as well as members of relevant community groups co-opted by FCN.

Consensus will be sought but, in the event consensus cannot be achieved, the majority view of the Panel will be recorded as the outcome on the ScoreCard. A minority opinion will also be reported where it is important to reflect a balanced outcome.


FCN will be the author of and responsible for the final report.

FCN will allow 10 working days prior to the release of the final report to consult with the organisation being evaluated to allow for any issues of fact or clarity to be addressed prior to publication.


FCN Earthquake Recovery Accountability Matrix


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