Future Canterbury Network Scores Earthquake Recovery Performance at Selwyn District Council

The Selwyn District Council has performed reasonably well in managing its response to the Canterbury Earthquakes but there’s quite a lot of room for improvement according to the FCN Earthquake Recovery Accountability Scorecard.

“Selwyn faces many challenges as the pressure for safe places to live and work shifts the Canterbury  focus west.  To ensure it is well prepared for this expected migration it needs to capture the lessons from the earthquake response and recovery phases it has been through so far,” says FCN Chairman, Hon Philip Burdon.

“The Council has shown positive leadership in many areas.  The fact that the impact of the earthquakes was limited in comparison with Waimakariri and Christchurch means Selwyn moved back into a business as usual mode quite quickly.  Looking at future challenges this may have been somewhat premature. The FCN believes, and the Selwyn District Council agrees, it can and should do better with information it makes available to its current and prospective residents,” concluded Mr Burdon.

The Network expects to release its Waimakariri Scorecard in about 10 days time.

Selwyn Scorecard Report

Brief facts

  • The purpose of the evaluation is to provide informed, balanced and independent feedback to statutory decision makers and the public about the quality of governance, leadership and management of the recovery from the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011.
  • The FCN will publish its Earthquake Recovery Accountability Scorecards every six months, after evaluating the performance of CERA, ECan, Christchurch City Council, Waimakariri District Council and Selwyn District Council
  • The key to a successful recovery from major disaster is the quality of the ongoing relationship developed between the leadership of the recovery process and the community that leadership serves.
  • Therefore issues of openness, transparency, listening, continuing community focus and engagement are fundamental to ongoing trust and confidence in the eventual outcomes.
  • The FCN Earthquake Recovery Accountability Matrix is a tool designed to test our expectation that:
    • those whom we entrust with the responsibility to remedy the damage which has been done will do everything they can to deliver the best outcome for the future of Canterbury, even when that is difficult, and
    • the elements which research, and the experience of others, tells us are critical, are at the core of their approach to decision making.
    • It is our intention that, when the public sees the local and central government entities which have responsibility to lead the recovery have been appropriately held to account, the level of confidence in leadership and decision making will increase.
    • Our evaluations have been designed so that the initial assessments will provide a benchmark for the measurement of future progress.
    • The FCN evaluation involved members of the FCN, community representatives and representatives from Selwyn District Council.
    • Critical success factors covered by nine dimensions of governance, leadership and management were assessed and scored on a scale from Not Achieved to Exceptional Performance.
    • 6 of the 9 ratings showed the Council’s performance was rated as a Work in Progress while the other three showed the Council was close to Achieving Reasonable Expectations.
    • The Future Canterbury Network is an independent group of prominent Canterbury citizens who are motivated by a desire to ensure the opportunity is not lost to rebuild Canterbury better than it was before.

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