Waimakariri District Council an “exemplar” for earthquake recovery

The Waimakariri District Council is seen by its community as being a “trusted advisor” as a result of the great effort it has made to provide leadership and effective recovery action from the Canterbury Earthquakes according to the Future Canterbury Network Accountability Scorecard.

“Waimakariri District Council and its staff have set a high standard for the other local government and central government bodies responsible for the recovery from the earthquakes to follow,” says FCN Chairman, Hon Philip Burdon.

“After a thorough evaluation which considered nearly 1600 pages of documentation and an intensive discussion among the assessment panel the Waimakariri District Council effort is a shining example of what can be done for a community struggling to cope with disaster.

“Elected Councillors, the Mayor, community leaders and Council staff have all worked together extremely well, in often trying and very changeable circumstances, to give the community a high degree of confidence that it will recover successfully from the earthquakes and will also be a better place to live and work in as a result.

“The Council has stressed the importance of effective engagement with the community both through representative groups and with affected individuals and has lived up to its vision for a community rebuilt on new foundations.

“Yet, even in this performance which exceeds expectations at so many different levels, there are things which the Council recognizes can be improved upon.  These have been identified in the report of the evaluation and will be at the core of the next evaluation in six months time,” concluded Mr Burdon.

Waimakariri District Council Scorecard Report

Next Evaluation

The FCN will undertake its evaluation of the performance of Christchurch City on 3 November.


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