CERA evaluation report

The fourth in the FCN series of evaluations of the entities with statutory responsibility for the recovery of Canterbury from the earthquakes was published at midnight on Sunday 20 November. The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority was evaluated by a six person panel who made the following comments in their report.

“The assessors believe CERA has done an excellent job in the delivery of a number of its statutory obligations and that Canterbury people can take comfort from the progress which has been made and the evident huge commitment of the staff of the organisation to achieve outstanding outcomes.

“As general comment it is considered that CERA, as an organisation, is performing at or above expectations as a strategic leader and coordinator of rebuilding and recovery efforts.

“The assessors were particularly impressed with the level of high quality and up-to-date information being made publicly available by CERA on its website and through various forms of social media.

“In some performance dimensions, however, a lower rating was given simply because, at this stage, the organisation is part way through the development of its recovery strategy and plans.

“The assessors stress this is not a criticism but recognises a factual situation at a particular point in time combined with the decision not to provide the information requested in a timely fashion.

“Unfortunately, other aspects of the evaluation were frustrated by the decision of CERA not to engage effectively with the evaluation process.

“This left the assessors with no option but to assign a rating result which reflected a lack of transparency and relevant information from CERA.”


CERA Scorecard

Read Full Report



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