About the FCN

Statement of Intent

  • FCN has been established by senior members of Christchurch business and community organisations
  • FCN is very conscious of the multiple organisations that are, formally and informally, contributing to the policy formation that is mandated to CERA
  • FCN believes it is important to have an independent body of appropriate people, who collectively have a major stake in the city, who can constructively monitor and peer review the processes and decisions that will now become the responsibly of CERA
  • FCN is deeply conscious of the need for innovative and significant decision making by CERA on the one hand, and the capacity for procrastination by analysis that characterised the lack of progress following the September earthquake
  • The membership of FCN is deliberately designed to include specialist expertise and experience at every level of appropriate concern in the “rebuild of Christchurch”
  • FCN is determined to provide an informed and constructive analysis of decisions that must now be made to achieve an effective rebuild of the city
  • Composition of the FCN establishment board:-
    • Hon Philip Burdon, Chairman
    • Adrienne, Lady Stewart
    • Dr Rod Carr
    • Dr Alan Reay
    • Steve Anderson
    • Warren Bell
    • Bob Blyth
    • Marty Braithwaite
    • Chris Brocket
    • John Dobson
    • Ernest Henshaw
    • Jeremy Smith
    • Graeme McDonald

4 responses to “About the FCN

  1. The Performance Urban Planning website at http://www.PerformanceUrbanPlanning.org has been updated. Members may find this updated information of interest.

  2. the 2012 8th Annual demographia International Housing Affordability Survey http://www.demographia.com was released internationally Monday 23 January 2012.
    The Christchurch situation was covered within the Survey and the Media Release – noting that Christchurch housing is a “severely unaffordable 6.3 times household earnings, while New Orleans is 3.3 times.

    I have commented in The Press lately that Statistics NZ reported recently that yo to the end of the November year, there are more new houses being built in Waimakariri and Selwyn combined than there are in Christchurch.

    On a population basis, and with the relocatables excluded, the build rate per 1000 population for Christchurch is 2 / 1000 – Selwyn 10 / 1000 and Waimakariri 12 / 1000. 5 times as much in Selwyn and 6 times as much in Waimakariri.

  3. Following on to the above……
    At 2 / 1000 – this is actually below normal replacement levels. Some recovery in Christchurch after 17 months !

    As the people leave Christchurch for the asdjioning counties and elsewher, businesses will follow. The hollowing out of Christchurch is well and truly underway – thanks to the Christchurch City Coucil

    It is to be hoped citizens and businesses get in and support Peter Lynch lynchpeter@xtra.co.nz in the lead up to the massive public protest 1 February noon, outside the Civic Building, Hereford Street.

    The Christchurch Council has been at War with its citizens and businesses for too long.

    Enough is enough! Be there ! February !

  4. The Cantabrians Unite website http://www.cantabriansunite.co.nz website has just gone live this evening.

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