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4 responses to “Discussion/Feedback

  1. Graeme Jacobs

    I note your group does not seem to have any architects members, would it be possible for some architects to be added to youir group.

  2. Graeme
    There’s no particular reason why there isn’t an architect as a member of the group. Having said that the FCN is a group which seeks only to represent the shared views of its members – it is not a representative body. But if you have some suggestions about eminent or suitable architects who might add value to the group don’t hesitate to contact us. Use the email address below


  3. Graeme Jacobs


    Thanks for your reply. I think David Sheppard from Sheppard & Rout would be very suitable. David is an Architect and Planner. He is also due to be the President of the New Zealand Institute of Architects in a years time so is well regarded by the NZIA. The rebuild of Christchurch is going to require many things, time efoort, money but also designers. I think the three design professions of Architecture Engineering and Landscape Architecture have important rolls to play and can make a significant contribution to your group . Good design need as many voices of support as it can get.

    Regards Graeme

    • Graeme
      We had a very good meeting with the NZIA last Tuesday evening and they have agreed to put forward someone to join our group, especially for our strategy workshop on 21 June.

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