Earthquake Recovery Accountability Matrix

The FCN Earthquake Recovery Accountability Matrix is a principles based evaluation methodology to assist decision making organisations and individuals responsible for recovery from the earthquakes to improve their leadership, governance and management in a process of constructive engagement with the Future Canterbury Network and the community.

Public reporting on the outcomes of the evaluation process and resulting improvements in practice will lead to increased public knowledge and confidence in the transition from the damaged Canterbury of today to the robust and resilient Canterbury we seek for future generations.

FCN Earthquake Recovery Accountability Matrix

Presentation to Christchurch City Community Boards Chairpersons Meeting


3 responses to “Earthquake Recovery Accountability Matrix

  1. Strong sustainability is critical to the long term future of Chch and, in my opinion, should be the prime criterion for evaluating the performance of the organisations tasked with re-creating our city. If this is accepted then the matrix needs to be amended to include measures for assessing the effectiveness of actions, decisions etc. in attaining a strongly sustainable city.

    • Tom

      I agree the future sustainability is an important aspect of the recovery and there is plenty of scope within the methodology, the Key Performance Dimensions and the Critical Success Factors to include sustainability issues in the evaluations.

  2. Members of FCN may be interested in the NZAIA (New Zealand Association for Impact Assessment) forthcoming conference on 24/25 Nov 2011(+ pre conference activities 23 Nov 2011) – NATURAL DISASTERS: Impact Assessment for Sustainable Recovery. More info at or call Hilary Campbell (Conference Support) on 021 251 254 / email

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