FCN Membership

Lady  Adrienne Stewart Company Director
Alan Jamieson Senior Pastor
Dr  Alan Reay Managing Director
Amy Carter Managing Director
Barbara Stewart Company Director
Bob Blyth Project Director
Brett Anderson Chief Executive
Bruce Gemmell Managing Partner
Chris Brocket Managing Director
David Sheppard Managing Partner
Garry Moore Company Director
Graeme McDonald Chairman
Graham Ewing Managing Director
Jenny May Heritage Consultant
Jeremy Smith Managing Director
John Dobson Company Director
Kohan McNab President
Marty Braithwaite NZCTU Earthquake Coordinator
Sir  Miles Warren Architect
Michael McEvedy Former Mayor of Selwyn
Mike Sleigh Company Director
Philip Aldridge Chief Executive
The Hon  Philip Burdon Chairman
Dr  Rod Carr Vice Chancellor
Sacha McMeeking Principal Consultant
Steve Anderson Chief Executive
Warren Bell Company Director

One response to “FCN Membership

  1. Good on you for establishing a watchdog. Something badly needed. Maybe thye will listen to you well respected business people, because EQC don’t listen to us normal people and certainly don’t seem to care all that much.

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